Midi96 plus-1 ME-96

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Producent Major Science
Nr katalogowy ME-96

Midi96 plus-1 Gel System, ME-96 series, ME96

The Midi96 plus-1 Gel System is ideal for high throughput electrophoresis of PCR products or samples containing a small number of DNA bands. Its 10x12cm (WxL) gel dimension and 96- well comb block format correspond to the standard microplate configuration, with additional lanes for markers. Two different types of comb are available: one which has 8 wells and one additional lane for DNA markers and one which has 8 wells and 2 additional lanes for markers. The offset layout of the wells allows a maximum run length of 1.8cm per well, resulting in improved separation. Midi96 plus-1 can accommodate samples from a 96-well plate – samples can be loaded directly using 8-channel pipettes. As with all ME series units, leak-proof casting is simplified using the supplied casting dams while their ultra-compact size minimizes buffer usage and bench space requirements. Midi96 plus-1 Stretch Systems are also available for those users requiring an extended run length per well of up to 3.6cm.


• Designed for loading of DNA samples from multi-well plates

• Ideal for analysis of up to 96 PCR-fragment length polymorphisms loaded from 96-well microplates or thermal cycler blocks

• Average run-time is just 15 to 30 minutes

• Direct microplate format for easy lane identification

• Multichannel pipette compatible combs for speed loading